We Climb That Extra Mile ...

Teletek provides a complete analysis of structural elements for a tower.  First, we gather all the necessary information from our Clients, Tower Designers and Manufacturers.  A field analysis is also completed to acquire accurate and up-to-date information.

With the assistance of industry standard software programs, pertinent codes and standards, the tower's structure and foundation are analyzed.


Structural Analysis

Foundation Design/Reinforcing

Based on structural analysis of foundation requirements, Teletek has the knowledge base to recommend the most efficient and cost effective solutions.

Teletek also works with various Foundation Solution Experts.

Tower Design

Teletek provides designs for newly fabricated telecommunication structures to Client's specifications.  We ensure structures are adequately engineered, minimizing costs and maximizing value.

We provide the client with an independent external analysis to ensure the structural integrity and capability of their new tower and that it meets structural standards and design codes.

Reinforcing Designs

We provide efficient, cost-saving solutions, minimizing excessive fabrication, installation and over-design.  Teletek ensures that the structure will continue to provide the desired capacity and service in a safe manner.

We provide our Clients with  all structural designs, detailed fabrication and installation drawings for construction and implementation of the proposed reinforced solution.


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